First of all, let us tell you what GLAM CAMP is not. Glam camp is not boudoir photography.

Ummmm.... yeah.... so you have portraits of women in lingerie like literally RIGHT ABOVE this paragraph.

That's right, we do. But look closer. None of these women are positioned in a leather G-string with their butt up in the air, looking over their shoulder with one finger in their mouth. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) Instead, these women are wearing tasteful lingerie & having the time of their lives. There is no semi-creepy man behind the camera giving the ever charming "Don't you want to show a little bit more skin?" instruction. (Been there done that - don't do it). 

Forget everything you've seen, heard & witnessed about Boudoir & Beauty Photography. GLAM CAMP is a Girl's Day Out EXPERIENCE that can be booked individually or with your best friends.

Now more than ever it seems that women of all ages struggle with body image and self confidence. We struggle with it on a daily basis & so do all of our friends. Naturally, we could only assume that other Charlotte women might & do as well. We can be so easily influenced by what the media tells is is supposed to be sexy & beautiful. With GLAM CAMP our focus is on infusing confidence in women of all shapes & sizes in all stages of life.


GLAM CAMP is more than hair & make up & beautiful images, it is a one of a kind experience that is completely tailored to YOU or you & your girlfriends. 





 experience to our insanely fun LIMITED EDITION events to the

GIRLFRIENDS EXPERIENCE there are lots of options customized to fit YOU.

THE gals behind


When two women who live for making other women feel beautiful  & special combine their talents, you get GLAM CAMP.


camping guide

This camp is way more Troop Beverly Hills than Girl Scouts. You have questions. "What should I wear? Should I pack a compass?" Click below to learn more.